Drug information Handbook for MD w/ International


The Drug Information Handbook with International Trade Names Index contains all the content from Lexicomp’s Drug Information Handbook, plus Canadian and International drug monographs for use worldwide! Endorsed by the American Pharmacists Association, (APhA), this easy-to-use reference is compiled especially for the pharmacist, physician or other healthcare professional requiring quick access to comprehensive drug information.

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The Drug Information Handbook with International Trade Names Index, 21st Edition, contains 1764 drug monographs. Each monograph is supported by up to 37 fields of clinically important pharmacology detail, including dosage, drug interactions, pharmacologic category and warnings/precautions. Brand names are listed alphabetically and cross-referenced by page number to the generic drug monograph. Over 185 pages of appendix information are provided, including a Pharmacologic Category Index and an International Trade Names Index.

43 New Drug Monographs
New Appendix Topic
Renal Function Estimation in Adult Patients
Renal Function Estimation in Pediatric Patients
Immunization Administration Recommendations
Appendix Updates
Immune Globulin Products
Contrast Media Reactions, Premedication for Prophylaxis
Diabetes Mellitus Management, Adults
Status Epilepticus

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