Drug Information Handbook for Oncology


The Drug Information Handbook for Oncology is designed to meet the needs of all oncology professionals involved in prescribing, preparing and administering therapy. This edition contains 308 drug monographs and 420 chemotherapy regimens, cross-referenced and organized in a concise, uniform format. Valuable supporting information is included in the Appendix, Special Topics section and the Pharmacologic Category Index.

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The content of the Drug Information Handbook for Oncology is presented in tabbed sections and organized like a dictionary for ease-of-use. Medications are located by generic name, with each monograph including up to 43 unique fields of information. The Chemotherapy Regimens section provides a comprehensive presentation of cancer chemotherapy regimens, listed alphabetically by regimen name (acronym). An index also lists regimens by indication. The Special Topics section covers important cancer-related issues such as pain management, bone marrow transplantation, managing infections, safe handling of hazardous drugs and more.

13 New Drug Monographs
54 New Chemotherapy Regimens
100 New Variations within the Regimens
New Special Topics:
Chemotherapy and Cancer Treatment During Pregnancy
Chemotherapy and Obesity
Principles of Anticancer Therapy
Special Topics Updates:
Management of Drug Extravasations
Management of Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting
Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs

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