Geriatric Dosage Handbook


Many physiologic changes occur with aging, some of which affect the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of medications. For many drugs, exact dosing guidelines for geriatric patients have not been established and most references do not specifically address the use of medications in the elderly. The Geriatric Dosage Handbook provides specific considerations when using drug therapy in older adults, compiled from the current literature and clinical experience.

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This resource contains geriatric-sensitive information throughout each drug monograph, including extensive content on drug interactions and drug dosing in the elderly and adults, as well as in patients with renal/hepatic impairment. Tall-Man lettering is used to help distinguish between look-alike medication names. A complete Pharmacologic Category Index and Appendix provide valuable supplemental information.

31 New Drug Monographs
New Appendix Topics
Immunization Administration Recommendations
Renal Function Estimation in Adult Patients
Updated Appendix Content
Depression Scales
Diabetes Mellitus Management, Adults
Immunization Recommendations
Pressure Ulcer Treatment
Updated Introductory Information
FDA Name Differentiation Project: The Use of Tall-Man Letters

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