Parenteral or IV Sedation Training for Dentists

  • 60 Hours of didactic course work
  • Participation in the administration of IV sedation to 20 dental patients
  • Approximately 100 hours of CE
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IV Sedation Training for Dentists
Program is being offered the following dates/locations.
Baltimore, Maryland- March 2017

Denver, Colorado- March-April 2017

San Antonio, Texas- June 2017

Winston-Salem, North Carolina- August 2017

Houston, Texas- September 2017

Sacramento, California- November 2017

Parenteral Sedation Dentistry

We are providing IV dental sedation training for dentist nationally. This IV sedation dentistry course is a  comprehensive “mini-residency” and includes a minimum of 60 hours of didactic / classroom education and direct participation in administering IV sedation to  20 – 30  clinical dental cases while being observed. Advanced training in airway management and medical emergencies included. Total CE credits will be approximately 100 hours.

This course is designed to prepare the dentist to incorporate intravenous sedation into the dental practice.

Developed and presented in accordance with the American Dental Associations “Practice Guidelines for Teaching Comprehensive Control of Pain and Anxiety in Dentistry” Part III and “Practice Guidelines for Sedation by Non-anesthesia Providers” by the American Society of Anesthesiology.

Learning Objectives

  • To prepare the dentist to incorporate safe IV sedation administration into practice
  • Properly access and obtain appropriate medical history and assessment of patients to determine suitability of moderate sedation
  • Understand the regulations and requirements of state legislation/dental boards, to adhere to national standards  and guidelines
  • To explain and understand  agonist-antagonist effects and pharmacokinetic properties of commonly used sedative agents
  • To recognize and react to medical emergencies while providing leadership and direction to others involved in resuscitative efforts
  • Manage the airway using basic and advanced equipment and techniques
  • Effectively utilize monitoring, pharmaceuticals and rescue equipment
  • This program is designed to meet and exceed the requirements to obtain an intravenous conscious sedation permit in most states.  We encourage you to review your state requirements.


    The participant must hold a dental or medical degree, must be licensed to practice dentistry or medicine in a given state and have current malpractice insurance. Current BCLS certification must be obtained prior to the course. Please bring proof of malpractice insurance coverage to the first meeting.

    Course Structure

    (1) The didactic portion of this course will consist of at least 60 hours of instruction, in the form of lecture, power point presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on practice utilizing simulation and live participant volunteers.

    (2) As part of the training, participants will receive Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certifications, along with intensive hands-on airway management training utilizing simulation and be able to demonstrate proficient ventilation with multiple airway devices.

    (3) Following completion of the introductory phase of the lecture/demonstration series, the participant will begin the clinical participation component at which time he/she will improve his/her IV sedation and venipuncture techniques. Anesthesia providers and conscious sedation trained dentists will be supervising at all times.

    (4) Successful completion of a written exam will be required at the completion of the didactic and clinical portions of the program.

    (5) Assisting/Monitoring staff will be encouraged to attend portions of the training.

Class sizes are limited, early registration is encouraged.

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