Physio-Control TrueCPR Coaching Device


TrueCPR captures 180 minutes of rescue data, which can be reviewed post-event with Physio-Control’s data review software. TrueCPR Coaching Device can be used with any AED, making it an ideal adjunct to your rescue kit. Requires 2 Duracell DL123 batteries (not included). 1-year warranty.
Every First Responder wants to deliver efficient and consistent CPR. With Physio-Control’s new TrueCPR Coaching Device, this is now a reality. TrueCPR can provide critical, real-time CPR feedback, which provides assessment both during and after the event.

Compression depth and rate are displayed in real-time on a highly visible dial. Also, a CPR metronome and ventilation prompt guide the rescuer to deliver compressions according to Guidelines recommended rates.

Most CPR-assist devices use accelerometers to measure compression depth. TrueCPR is the only CPR feedback device that uses Triaxial Field Induction (TFI), a proprietary technology from Physio-Control. During CPR, TFI uses three-dimensional magnetic fields to pinpoint the distance between two objects—the chest pad and the back pad—to accurately measure chest compression depth and provide high-quality feedback in real time. And because it is realistic that the chest pad won’t always be directly above the back pad during resuscitation events, TrueCPR is designed to compensate for inexact alignment and still accurately measure compression depth.

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