Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet


The 2019 Cusick Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet is an attractive, time tested resource for up to date anesthesia related information on the go. It is available as a US Letter Standard or a Half-Letter Mini size laminated sheet, color printed on both front and back. The sheet contains information that is frequently or quickly needed, when there is no time to refer to a book, computer, smart phone or tablet. Information is obtained using the latest research articles and textbooks (see bibliography) and contains important, newly released medications along with commonly used classics. Tables are unique and have evolved over the years using input from anesthesia staff, residents, drug companies and ACCRS customers. The sheet is useful not only as an anesthesia reference in the operating room, but also for Critical Care, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Sedation and Recovery Room Management. It is an excellent study guide and review. Drug names are color coded and conform to color labeling standards.

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Tables include

Intravenous Anesthetics
Neuromuscular Blockers
Reversal of Neuromuscular Blockade
Malignant Hyperthermia Protocol (Acute Phase)
Inhalational Anesthetics
Autonomic / Cardiovascular Drugs
Postoperative Medications (Analgesics, Antiemetics, Reversal)
Preoperative Medications (Adult doses)
Pediatric Preoperative / Sedative Medications (Age > 6 months)
Pediatric Code
Adult ACLS
NPO Orders
Fluid Management
Endotracheal Tubes / Airway Management / LMA sizes
Estimating Blood Loss
Local Anesthetics
Hemodynamic Formulas
Respiratory Formulas

A word about dosing

Drug doses were chosen to accurately reflect what is used clinically for our specific anesthetic and critical care needs. Research articles, drug company recommendations, clinical judgment, experience, staff recommendations and multiple references are all taken into account when choosing a dose. Many of the doses were extremely difficult to choose given the great variability in references. Sometimes a best average had to be used. Emphasis is placed on dosing per body weight (mg/kg or mcg/kg/min for infusions) to provide the largest range of use. Pediatric dosing is frequently possible and emphasized.

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