Manual of Pediatric Dentistry


Lexicomp’s Manual of Pediatric Dentistry is designed for all dental professionals looking for efficient diagnosis and treatment of the most frequent conditions occurring within pediatric dentistry. In response to market need, this written for dentists by dentists guide includes 14 tabbed chapters, 6 additional sub-topics, and 180 photographs and images making it the ideal chair side photographic reference for the most common pediatric dental issues.

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With the recent growth in pediatric dentistry, this is the reference that general dentists have been searching for to competently and conscientiously treat children. This manual is designed for both reference and immediate feedback of clinical information, diagnosis, and treatment protocols. Topic areas include:

  • Sample prescriptions for antibiotics, fluoride and pain control including dosing and instructions for each age group
  • Traumatic injuries to the teeth and jaws
  • Preoperative sedation routines and administration
  • Most likely emergencies in a pediatric setting
  • Eruption charts
  • Developmental tables

1. Introduction
2. Histories
3. Primary Dentition
4. Early Mixed Dentition
5. Late Mixed Dentition
6. Permanent Dentition
7. Fluoride
8. Trauma
9. Development of Occlusion
10. Pathology and Abnormalities
11. Sedation
12. Medical Emergencies
13. Sample Prescriptions
14. Appendix/Index

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