Bio Protech ECG/EKG Monitoring Electrode, 50/box


  • Adult
  • 55mm Diameter
  • Round
  • Wet Gel
  • 50/bag
  • SKU: T715-50 (T715W)
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  • Bio Protech Inc. produces ECG electrodes called ‘Telectrodes’, which are used for various ECG tests.
  • It uses an Ag/AgCl sensing element and Hydro-gel for adhesion.
  • These are excellent components for sensitive monitoring.
  • Hydro-gel’s main advantage is one of minimizing movement artifacts by increasing the bond between the skin and the sensing element.
  • The ECG electrode of Bio Protech Inc. is referred to as “TELECTRODE“.
  • Telectrodes are applicable to most ECG fields.
  • An Ag/AgCl sensing element has the a best sensitivities and the solid adhesive hydro-gel has very low impedance.
  • Most importantly, the adhesive gel stocks both the skin of the patient and to the sensing element, so that movement artifacts can be significantly lowered.
  • Dirty residue from the foam will not be left on the patient’s skin after use.

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 5 × 8 in


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