Cardiac Science 503-DX-W


Detect and assess changes and oxygen saturation in record time! The miniSPO2T®, with the same advanced DOX digital technology as our multiple parameters vital signs monitor, lets you evaluate oxygen saturation and heart rate in a broad range of patients, from neonatal to adult. Small, lightweight and easy to use, the miniSPO2T
is ideal for spot-check and transport monitoring in hospitals, clinics, private offices and EMS.
Practical features, like 24 hours of continuous operation combined with an incredible price, make the rugged, reliable miniSPO2T a truly exceptional value.
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Advanced DOX SpO2 and Heart Rate for routine, periodic spot-check measurements and transport monitoring.
  • With just one compact, ultra-lightweight, handheld monitor, accommodate all of your patients – from neonatal to adult.
  • Unique DOX digital SpO2 technology for improved pulse recognition and artifact rejection.
  • Fully compatible with our comprehensive line of high-quality reusable and disposable sensors.
  • 4 AA batteries provide 24 hours of continuous

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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