Respironics Capnography Module


*****Upgrade your Patient Monitor to have CO2 Monitoring Capabilities!*****

Respironics LoFlo Side-Stream CO2 Sensor Module

Respironics Sidestream Capnography (LoFlo End Tidal CO2) for use with Venni/JPEX Patient Monitors and Edan M3B Vital Signs Monitor & Edan M50/M80 Patient Monitors.

**Please call us at 800-685-0940 to see if this unit will work with your Patient Monitor.

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The LoFlo Sensor is the ideal Capnography solution for all your CO2 Monitoring requirements.

Respironics LoFlo Side-Stream CO2 Sensor Module Includes:


  • Disposable Adult CO2 Nasal Cannula (3468ADU-00).
  • Adult/Pediatric Airway Adapter Set with Dehumidification Tubing (3473ADU-00).
  • Disposable Sampling Line Kit with Dehumidification Tubing (3475-00).


Respironics LoFlo Side-Stream CO2 Sensor Module Features:


  • Ideal for Non-Intubated Patients.
  • Proprietary Sample Cell protects Internal NDIR Components from Contamination.
  • Common Connector allows easy Exchange between Mainstream and Sidestream Monitoring.
  • Robust and Long Life Pump Reduces Periodic Maintenance.
  • No Calibration required.
  • Unique accessories & supplies for all patients.
  • Private Label option.
  • The LoFlo Sensor’s Small, Lightweight Package is designed to be shared. It is easily moved from room to room to connect to your device or during transport.
  • Internal or External Application: Respironics offers the LoFlo Engine for Internal Integration into your Monitoring System.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in


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